MARIE WOODARD | Yes, You Should Be Blogging
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Yes, You Should Be Blogging

Yes, You Should Be Blogging

If you are the face of your brand, blogging can be one of the most effective marketing tools you have.

Your blog is one of the best ways to establish expertise. When properly written, your blog can set the tone for how people view you and your company. If you focus your content on helping others through your specific industry knowledge, it can set you apart from your competitors.

A blog is a page on a personal or professional website on which an individual or company shares news, opinions, advice, and links to information that is applicable and relevant to their specific subject matter. By blogging about your industry, you can be seen as a subject matter expert which tells your audience you are the go-to pro to hire.

We have come along way from holding all of our competitive information close to our vest, lest someone know our secrets. Today, “share your secrets and you’ll get hired” seems to be the mantra. It is said that every good salesperson can sell through stories, this is what your blog can do for you to a broader audience.  So, I say, blog away!

Imagine a painter telling you how to DIY a painting project for your home on their blog. They start by explaining how to prep your walls by sanding them smooth and wiping them with a tack cloth. Then they describe how to get a good seal with your paint tape so your paint does not bleed through to your baseboard or ceiling, which you do not want to have to clean up. Next, they describe what supplies and tools you need to gather. You have not even gone to the paint store and if you are like me, you want their phone number and whatever they charge is OK  because this is a much bigger project than you thought.

In essence, a blog can sell your reader on how much they do not know and add to your value better than any sales pitch

Couple things to consider;

~ a blog should be updated at least weekly
~ blogs have a social life, share the web link to your blog on your media platforms
~ keep them timely, positive and ending with the reader wanting more
~ your  post should inform, educate or entertain, within 300-900 words
~ if sharing someone else’s content, give credit and add your opinion (praise up)
~ original content still rules, look around you for inspiration – industry news, customer stories, company events, trade shows, new developments and offerings, the list is long.

For those of you who like the idea of being seen as a thought leader and industry expert but cringe at the idea of scheduling time to write, contact me. Several of my clients share topics and talking points with me to “flesh out” and create their weekly blog content and share it socially. Blogs works well for both B2B and B2C clients.


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