MARIE WOODARD | So, heard about this business owner………
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So, heard about this business owner………

I heard about this business owner that had a great plan for sharing his skill and service. If done right, he could make a reasonable profit and take care of his family without being someone else’s employee. It sounded like the perfect plan, until;

His first 3 projects kept him too busy to find new clients

His website or lack thereof needed updates

His wife got tired of posting to Facebook and LinkedIn for him

He ran out of business cards

His sign he planned to put outside his business didn’t get approved by the township

He went to a chamber meeting and never had time to follow up with the contacts he met

He got overwhelmed with emails from Google, Bing and Yelp about listings and reviews

His days got long, the details bogged him down, the plans and excitement seemed to fizzle out. His dream of having such a productive day had vanished. Too many details to handle and this was only the marketing!

If only, he could hire a seasoned professional that understood how to promote his business, take care of the marketing details and get the phone to ring. But how would he find that someone when all he needed was 3-2 hours per week?

Wouldn’t they demand more, a W-2, salary and benefits, reimbursed auto and entertainment?

Not with My Marketing Professional. Seasoned, experienced and freelance! What owner would not feel a sigh of relief in having their marketing strategies and tasks handled within 8 hours or more per month?

Sound like the perfect solution to your overworked schedule? Contact me today and let’s discuss your marketing needs and get you back in the driver seat of your own business.



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