MARIE WOODARD | Reach More Contacts With Video
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Reach More Contacts With Video

Reach More Contacts With Video

With the amount of video content on the Web today, users short attention spans are getting even more nimble.

In fact, the average human attention span is shorter than a goldfish. So, while your business might be thinking that video marketing is the way of the future, you should slow down before heading into full production mode. In fact, you might not need many resources due to these bite-sized visuals known as short videos. Short videos are typically 10 seconds or less of animated content that are built for this day and age. This means that you have a blink of an eye to catch your audience’s attention.

How will you do it?

These miniature clips can be in the form of cinema-graphs, advertisements for sales and products, user videos, or really any interesting and brief content related to your business. I personally like the 10-second “tip” style video that shows your expertise. Several of these can create quite a nice introduction to new clients for you.

To create your own videos, compile your content (pictures, clips, and music) and start your production on one of the many simple-to-use platforms or smartphone apps, like MagistoBombBomb, and iMovie. These platforms also suit videos without props, say, you sharing advise or knowledge on a timely topic that shows your expertise. Control distractions during your video by choosing your location, backdrop and surrounding noises carefully. I also suggest you get input from a colleague or two on your video before sending it to your contacts.

Once you’ve completed your masterpiece, you can upload the video on any of your social platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, etc.) and your website. Overall, if you plan on implementing this social media trend, put your best foot forward: Go flashy, go vibrant and be bold.

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