MARIE WOODARD | I’ve Been Prospecting, Now What?
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I’ve Been Prospecting, Now What?

I’ve Been Prospecting, Now What?

So you’ve stepped up your game and started cold-calling for new prospects. You’ve listened to current and prospective clients, gotten a bit of “fresh air” and accumulated quite a few business cards and notes.

Hopefully, some of those contacts have been followed up with as they were more urgent than others. But what to do with the balance of those business cards that you keep adding to your drawer?

I have a few suggestions for you;

  • If you are on LinkedIn, invite a connection with a personal message and consider adding your company page’s link and asking them to follow for industry-specific information and updates.
  • Consider following their company page if the industry news is helpful to building an informative “feed” for yourself.
  • Do you have a business e-newsletter, blog or email list? If so, add all these contacts to your list. You never know when they will need you, or you’ll need them.
  • If you use a formal CRM system, definitely follow protocol for building your lists.

Separate the cards now into 2 groups.

Group 1 needs no more follow up. They will get your company news via email and you’ve reached out via LinkedIn (or any other platform you like). Contacts that are not key to your business right now are best getting some gentle messages from you and your company. You want to stay in their peripheral vision until the need arises for them. These cards should be discarded now to keep from distracting you. You’ve captured all the info you need.

Group 2 is worth hanging on to. Maybe a phone call to follow up, or a thank you note for sharing some inside information with you. Maybe a coffee meeting or invitation to the next association meeting you attend. These are the folks that either you or they can benefit from establishing a deeper relationship together. I suggest you make a plan with each of these cards and follow through. I remember someone telling me to “plan my work and work my plan”, it stuck and plays in my head to this day when I feel distracted.

So, cold calling and prospecting are good. Strategically using your collected information is good. Leaving cards to pile in your drawer is bad. Not taking full advantage of your time in the field is costly. Setting up a strong personal network of clients and prospects is wise!

All of this sounds good but who has the time? Contact me, I can handle the input for you, and maybe create a few posts for you to share socially to build an interesting feed for your new friends.

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