MARIE WOODARD | Resort Wear 2018 is Hot
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Resort Wear 2018 is Hot

Resort Wear 2018 is Hot

Thinking about traveling may be the best way for those of us in this January climate to make it through the month. If you are lucky enough to travel to a warmer climate, here are some trends to help you pack.

If like some of us, resort wear does not resonate with you right now, it still bears a read. Resort wear collections set the tone for spring and fall collections and it is a good bet that you will see several of these trends make a big impact this year.

Hmm, a marketing consultant discussing fashion trends? Where is the connection you ask?

Most consultants work with the body of knowledge they’ve become expert in over their career and I am no different. If as a business person your image and brand require you to convey a certain image, then I’m your gal. Your image may best be reflected as being up to date within your industry but being up to date within our society may be key to appearing current in your field of expertise.

To assist clients with their image and their staff’s image, I do follow trends for men and women, professionally and socially. I am also a fan of streamlining closets as a way to remove distractions that interfere with a consistently appropriate image on a daily basis. If that sounds like a missing element in your marketing plan, give me a call at 616-682-1751.

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