MARIE WOODARD | Imagine starting and ending your day with peace and tranquility.
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Imagine starting and ending your day with peace and tranquility.

Does your closet bring you joy? It can. Does your closet remind you of a great party where everyone there is someone you want to talk to and spend time with? It can. Does your closet hold everything you love to wear, accurately reflecting your brand and image, perfect for your work and social self? It can, and it should.

I help my clients find joy in their closets again. No big rules to follow, no forced purging, just an objective voice and a guiding hand. Every client has both a unique style and different needs, so working together, we recreate your closet space filled with the items you love and feel good in, that serve your image needs and style wishes.

Here is the workflow;

We set aside a 4-hour block of time with limited distractions from phones, kids, and pets.

We empty the entire contents of your closet. I’ll bring garment racks and suggest you put a sheet over your bed to protect it.

We quickly vacuum and dust so we can start fresh.

Then systematically add back into your closet only the garments and accessories that you love. Clothes you tug or pull at, feel less than fabulous and comfortable in, shoes that never fit right, belts that are too big or small, simply do not make it back into your closet. A few items might go off to alterations. A few (or lots) will get sorted for resale, donation or recycling. Some clients even end with a shopping list to complete their wardrobe. If you are not a shopper, I can assist you there too.

Sound good? Contact me, let’s talk about making your closet a joyful, peaceful and interesting place to start and end your day.

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