MARIE WOODARD | Don’t stop cold-calling for new prospects
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Don’t stop cold-calling for new prospects

Don’t stop cold-calling for new prospects

Some things are new, some are old and some never change.
If you are growing your business, do not stop cold-calling for new prospects. Add social media and web blogs, ditch your Rolodex, but keep knocking on doors – there is no substitute.

If prospecting out in your territory or marketplace is the last thing you want to do, try these ideas.

  • Start around 9 am, remember that eat the Elephant idea?
  • Start with a current client you can thank for their loyalty. Ask if they’ll give you a Google review or testimonial. I also like to ask if I can use their name on my next few calls to their neighbors.
  • Cold-call to neighboring businesses that are good prospects. Once you get out of your car, do as much as you can before you get back in.
  • Avoid being the”Best Dressed Traveler”. Dress sharp for your company but miles do not make the sale. Don’t confuse busy with production.
  • Keep your introduction brief, speak slower than normal and only ask for what you need. Typically what you need is the name of the person who buys what you represent. Need some word tracks, give me a call.


When you get out of your office and move through your territory, you learn a lot of good information. Who your buying public is using, what your competitors are selling and problems (opportunities) you can serve. A dose of fresh air never hurts either.

What to do with the information you gather? Let’s discuss that on my next blog. Can’t wait, contact me for a personal consult,


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